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"Las Galeritas" is a small eco-tourist development in San Sebastián del Oeste, "magical town" of Jalisco, Mexico. Located in the vicinity of the town, in the neighborhood known as La Otra Banda, it is only three minutes walking from the main square.

In its design and architecture Las Galeritas recreate the urban layout of "starry plate" and the constructive style of the old mining towns, conditioned by the abrupt mountains. Stone, adobe, wood and tile - the typical construction materials of the region - are combined in a functional turn that accommodates the comforts of our days.

An old orchard, abandoned for many years, it has been recovered and nowadays it remains productive through sustainable practices. Some of these products are processed and served at breakfast. With some other people of town we make community barter. We are in solidarity with socially inclusive development and always give preference to local and regional resources, products and producers.


What to do in San Sebastian del Oeste?

Rest Appreciation of the architectural and cultural heritage Guided tours Rural and natural photography Birdwatching Trekking Quad rides Mountain biking Explore the mining past Meet the coffee planters Walk through the v...

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Tour 1: Climb to Real Alto, to Bufa and reach the sky (Two to four hours)

Real Alto is a mountain hamlet, the oldest mining estate, hanging from the mountain, with a 17th century temple and an image of the Virgin of the Rosary brought from Spain. In the Tavern you can see how it is made "Raicilla", the regional d...

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Appreciating the cultural heritage: Conchita Incarnation Museum

It is a private house owned by the Encarnación family, descended from Pablo Encarnación and José Rogelio Álvarez Encarnación, both of historical importance. The first has been called the "father of the people&q...

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San sebastián del Oeste From the air


In this link you will be able to appreciate an extraordinary aerial video of San Sebastián. https://www.facebook.com/SkyCamaraPV/videos/1146351545379199/

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Virtual Tour (360 º photos) Google Maps Local Bussines

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